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Selangor Women’s Charity and Welfare Organisation (Pekawanis) president Datin Seri Masdiana Muhamad (second from left) visiting the flower-arrangement competition during the Jelajah Selangor Penyayang roadshow at Dataran Pantai Morib in Kuala Langat, on June 25, 2022. — Picture by HAFIZ OTHMAN/SELANGORKINI

Jelajah Selangor Penyayang proves opportune for Pekawanis to spread aura of love

By Siti Rohaizah Zainal

KUALA LANGAT, June 26 — The Selangor Women’s Welfare and Charity Organisation (Pekawanis) has taken the opportunity of the Jelajah Selangor Penyayang roadshow to share information and programmes that it will organise throughout the year.

Its president Datin Seri Masdiana Muhamad said the programmes organised by Pekawanis are more on spreading the aura of love throughout society.

“If we look at a family, the institution grows stronger when filled with love and joy. So too is it in the state, when it is filled with love it makes the state happy.

“Therefore our role is to spread this aura of happiness to all, particularly women as this category is the pillar of the family and manages the household,” she said.

Masdiana was speaking at the Pekawanis discussion programme with the Association of Wives and Women Members of the Malaysian Civil Service (Puspanita) Selangor during the roadshow at Dataran Pantai Morib yesterday.

She added that Pekawanis is ready to cooperate with any parties including Puspanita in organising programmes.

“Pekawanis members have no problems and are ready to cooperate with district Puspanita in organising programmes that can contribute to the people,” Masdiana said.

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