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Rawang state assemblyman Chua Wei Kiat (right) with Selayang MP William Leong (left) visit a senior citizen Wong Foong Min at Taman Bukit Rawang Jaya in Rawang, on July 1, 2022. — Picture by HAFIZ OTHMAN/SELANGORKINI

Rawang rep to raise infrastructure, pollution issues in state assembly

By Siti Rohaizah Zainal

SELAYANG, July 2 — Rawang state representative Chua Wei Kiat will be highlighting issues on infrastructure in housing areas that needed repair during the Selangor State Legislative Assembly at the end of this month.

He said efforts to upgrade the infrastructure must be carried out in line with the development and increase of housing areas for the comfort of the people.

“When there are many housing areas, the main focus needs to be on the residents’ comfort from all aspects. Apart from that, I will also highlight issues related to pollution as Rawang has many industrial areas.

“Most of the jurisdiction for pollution issues falls under the Federal government, hence I will raise this issue at the state assembly as it is the right platform to raise the issue,” he said when met after visiting a senior citizen with an eyesight problem, Wong Foong Min at Taman Bukit Rawang Jaya, here yesterday.

The Second Meeting of the Fifth Term of the 14th Selangor State Legislative Assembly will be held from July 25 to August 5, 2022.

Meanwhile, Chua said he decided to visit Wong, who suffers from cataract and memory loss problems when he was informed about it.

He said the woman lives with her 48-year-old nephew who works at an equipment store a few years after his husband passed away.

“However, Wong suffers from a vision problem and becomes forgetful. I was told that it has been two months since she bathed. She feels like she has bathed and often does her morning exercise.

“Therefore, Selayang representative William Leong and I have donated RM300 in cash aid, and some food items as well as helped to clean her house.

“Aside from that, we also plan to repair her broken refrigerator and send her to a nursing home,” he told SelangorKini.


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