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MOHE to ensure premises for off-campus students through house rental portal

PUTRAJAYA, Sept 21 — The Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) will continue to monitor the administration of the Rumah Sewa Siswa (RSS) portal to ensure more premises for rental are listed at affordable rates to meet the needs of off-campus students.

In a statement issued here today, the ministry said the public universities (UA), through the Off-Campus Student Management Unit (UPLK), need to continue to accommodate and help the students concerned.

“Students are also advised to always liaise with UPLK at their respective UA for advice on house hunting, rental contract and other related matters.

“MOHE, in collaboration with the University Housing Council – Universiti Malaysia, is also examining the capacity of student accommodation on and off campus to optimise the increasing needs of students,” read the statement.

According to MOHE, the Rumah Siswa initiative was launched last year and it also includes the establishment of UPLK in all UA and the development of the RSS Portal.

It said that as of Monday (September 19), more than 29,000 students from all over the country had registered at the RSS portal, which can be accessed through the link.

The portal serves as a platform to facilitate students in their search for rented accommodation within the vicinity of their respective campus.

“The listing of the premises in the portal is carried out by UA officials themselves who are responsible for examining and ensuring that the residences identified are conducive for student accommodation in terms of rental rates, facilities and safety,” it said.

The ministry stated that it is always concerned about the current needs of students, especially in ensuring the welfare and well-being of off-campus students.

“Thus, MOHE continues to be committed to ensuring off-campus students get safe, affordable and conducive housing through easy and fast access in line with the aspiration of ensuring the well-being of students in higher education institutions,” read the statement.

— Bernama

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