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Contemporary artist Suzy Sulaiman’s new installation, featuring strings and light, exhibited at the River Lights Melaka space, at SDG Park in Jalan Melaka Sentral, Melaka. — PIcture by SUZY SULAIMAN

Tourism Selangor selects six craftsmen for Tukang project

SHAH ALAM, Sept 1 — Tourism Selangor has shortlisted six applicants for its inaugural Tukang – Selangor Craftmanship Festival 2022 project.

The Star reported that state executive councillor for tourism Hee Loy Sian has presented certificates to the six winners.

“Handicraft symbolises the country’s rich and diversified cultural heritage. The gross domestic product (GDP) of the Malaysian creative industry has increased, reaching RM29.4 billion and contributing 1.9 per cent to the total GDP,” he said.

Tukang curator Suzy Sulaiman said Selangor was home to most of Malaysia’s designers, artists and other creative talents.

“Through seed funding, we hope to kickstart our Selangor creative scene. Recognition for Selangor is not limited to the food and beautiful location but also in terms of creative and talented people,” she said.

Each successful applicant receives an RM10,000 grant to create artworks or products as well as an opportunity to exhibit at the Shah Alam Gallery in November.

In May, Tourism Selangor asked those interested to submit their product proposal and received 37 entries.

The winning proposals are Sustainable Innovation Batik Alternative Tool, A Piece of Kampung, Tepak Ulam, Mok Pod, T.I.K.A.R (Transformation, Innovation, Conservation, and Appreciation Design) and RE:VISION.

Tepak Ulam proposer Hanisah Nordin from Warenakita group said she submitted an artwork that was inspired by the local food.

“I found that food is the glue for Malaysians culturally as we all have pride in our colourful dishes.

“Prior to this venture, I studied architecture but it was not a path I wanted to pursue. Instead, I applied my architectural skill to my artwork,” she said.

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