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A doctor examines an x-ray of a tuberculosis patient at the Beijing Tuberculosis Hospital in China, on March 18, 1999. — Picture by REUTERS

Selangor readies RM800 aid for TB patients’ treatment — Exco

SHAH ALAM, Oct 2 — Members of the public who have experienced prolonged coughing for over three weeks alongside bloody phlegm and weight loss have been advised to seek immediate treatment, said state executive councillor for public health Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud.

She said such symptoms are indicative of tuberculosis (TB), to which the state government will provide up to RM800 in financial assistance.

“The state government has prepared a special health initiative for Selangor residents, that is RM800 in financial assistance for those undergoing tuberculosis treatment.

“In actuality, TB is both preventable and treatable. For those who are suffering from the ailment but are disciplined in following medical advice and treatment, it is a possibility for the wider society at large to one day achieve an era free of tuberculosis,” Dr Siti Mariah said in a Facebook post.

The public may visit the link, or contact the 24-hour call center at 1800-22-6600 for further information.

For this year, RM1 million has been allocated by the state government for the continuation of the Tuberculosis Treatment Incentive programme, which targets approximately patients for treatment.

The programme is meant to reduce the financial burden these patients and their families endure, as well as to ensure the patients complete all of their treatment sessions at hospitals.

Patients may obtain the incentive application form at government hospitals and clinics, or at state constituency community service centres.

The incentive payments are carried out in three transactions; RM200 in the first two months of treatment, another RM200 in the next two months, and RM400 until the treatment has been completed.


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