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A ballot box nearly filled to the brim, during the voting process for the Cheras parliamentary seat in the 15th general election, at SMK Perimbun in Cheras, on November 19, 2022. — Picture by HAFIZ OTHMAN/SELANGORKINI

LIVE: Selangor Journal’s updates on GE15 results

GE15 Live Results by Selangor Journal

By Selangor Journal Team

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3:44am: In Bagan Datuk, incumbent Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi won by a razor-thin margin of 16,578 votes (majority of 348), compared to Harapan’s Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin with 16,230 votes, and PN’s Faiz Na’aman with 8,822 votes, in a four-cornered fight.

3:42am: In Seputeh, incumbent Teresa Kok from Harapan won by a major landslide of 73,234 votes (majority of 67,187), compared to PN’s Wong Yee Yeng with 6,047 votes, and BN’s Lee Kah Hing with 6,032 votes, in a five-cornered fight.

3:40am: In Batu, incumbent P. Prabakaran from Harapan won by a large landslide with 45,716 votes (majority of 22,241), compared to PN’s Azhar Yahya with 23,475 votes, and BN’s A. Kohilan Pillay with 10,398 votes in a 10-cornered fight.

3:11am: In Port Dickson, Harapan’s Datuk Seri Aminuddin Harun won by a large landslide with 42,013 votes (majority of 23,601), compared to BN’s Datuk P. Kamalanathan with 18,412 votes, and PN’s Rafiei Mustapha with 18,235 votes in a five-cornered fight.

3:08am: In Tambun, Harapan’s Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has won by 49,625 votes (majority of 3,736), compared to incumbent Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu from PN with 45,889 votes, and BN’s Datuk Aminuddin Hanafiah with 28,140 votes in a four-cornered fight.

2:57am: In Kapar, incumbent Datuk Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid of Harapan lost with 53,969 votes to PN’s Dr Halimah Ali, who won by a landslide with 65,751 votes (majority of 11,782) in a seven-cornered fight.

2:50am: In Kuala Langat, PN’s Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi won by 52,867 votes (majority of 1,833), compared to Harapan’s G. Manivanan with 51,034 votes, and BN’s M. Mohana with 18,685 votes.

2:43am: In Bandar Tun Razak, Harapan’s Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail won by 43,476 votes (majority of 9,817), compared to PN’s Datuk Kamarudin Jaffar with 33,659 votes, and BN’s Datuk Chew Yin Keen with 15,886 votes.

2:41am: In Bentong, Harapan’s Young Syefura Othman won by a thin margin of 25,075 votes (majority of 692), compared to BN’s Tan Sri Liow Tiong Lai with 24,383 votes, and PN’s Datuk Roslan Hassan with 16,233 votes.

2:24am: In Permatang Pauh, incumbent Nurul Izzah Anwar from Harapan lost by 32,366 votes to PN’s Fawwaz Md Jan with 37,638 votes (majority of 5,272) in a four-cornered fight.

2:22am: In Shah Alam, Harapan’s Azli Yusof won by a landslide with 61,409 votes (majority of 18,095), compared to PN’s Afif Bahardin with 43,314 votes, and BN’s Isham Jalil with 28,266 votes.

2:05am: In Klang, Harapan’s V. Ganabatirau won by a major landslide with 115,539 votes (majority of 91,801), compared to PN’s Jaya Chandran with 23,738 votes, and BN’s Tee Hooi Ling with 19,762 votes.

1:47am: In Sungai Buloh, Harapan’s Datuk R. Ramanan has won with 50,943 votes (majority 2,693), compared to BN’s Khairy Jamaluddin with 48,250 votes, and BN’s Mohd Ghazali Md Hamin with 29,060 votes.

1:45am: In Cheras, Harapan’s Tan Kok Wai won by a large landslide with 60,294 votes (majority of 54,448), compared to PN’s Ruby Chin with 5,846 votes, and BN’s Chong Yew Chuan with 5,606 votes.

1:43am: In Bukit Bintang, Harapan’s Fong Kui Lun won by a large landslide with 43,827 votes (majority of 38,977), compared to BN’s Tan Teik Peng with 4,850 votes, and PN’s Edwin Chen with 4,259 votes.

1:41am: In Setiawangsa, Harapan’s Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad won by a landslide with 34,434 votes (majority of 12,164), compared to PN’s Nurul Fadzilah Kamaluddin with 22,270 votes, and BN’s Izudin Ishak with 16,333 votes.

1:39am: In Selayang, Harapan’s William Leong Jee Keen has won by a large landslide with 72,773 votes (majority of 23,619), compared to PN’s Datuk Abdul Rashid Asari with 49,154 votes, and BN’s Chan Wun Hoong with 19,425 votes.

1:25am: In Hang Tuah Jaya, Harapan’s Adam Adli won with 39,418 votes, (majority of 8,638), compared to BN’s Mohd Ridhwan Mohd Ali with 30,780 votes, and PN’s Mohd Azrudin Md Idris with 23,549 votes.

1:22am: In Lembah Pantai, incumbent Fahmi Fadzil has successfully defended his seat by a landslide of 35,359 votes (majority of 13,912), defeating BN’s Ramlan Askolani with 21,447 votes, and PN’s Fauzi Abu Bakar with 19,098 votes.

1:14am: In Gombak, Harapan’s Dato’ Seri Amirudin Shari has won by a landslide of 72,267 votes (majority of 12,729), defeating incumbent Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali of PN with 59,538 votes, as well as BN’s Megat Zulkarnain Omardin with 30,723 votes.

1:11am: In Kuantan, incumbent MP Fuziah Salleh of Harapan has failed to retain her seat with 22,648 votes, losing to PN’s Wan Razali Wan Nor with 25,514 votes (majority of 2,866)

1:07am: In Subang, Harapan’s Wong Chen has won by a massive landslide of 138,259 votes (majority of 115,074), compared to PN’s Alex Ang with 23,185 votes, and BN’s Kow Cheong Wei with 16,539 votes.

1:04am: In Petaling Jaya, Harapan’s Lee Chean Chung has won by a major landslide with 83,311 votes (majority of 50,575), compared to PN’s Datuk Theng Book with 32,736 votes, and BN’s Chew Hian Tat with 23,253 votes.

1:02am: In Sungai Besar, PN’s Cikgu Muslimin Yahaya has won with 19,791 votes (majority of 2,721), compared to Harapan’s Saipolyazan M Yusop with 17,070 votes, and BN’s Datuk Seri Mohd Jamal Yunos with 13,984 votes.

12:42am: In Jasin, PN’s Tuan Guru Zulkifli Ismail has won by a thin margin of 27,893 votes (majority of 322), compared to BN’s Roslan Ahmad with 27,571 votes, and Harapan’s Datuk Harun with 21,674 votes.

12:29am: In Hulu Langat, Harapan’s Mohd Sany Hamzan has won by a landslide with 58,382 votes (majority of 14,896), compared to PN’s Datuk Mohd Radzi Abd Latif with 43,486 votes, and BN’s Datuk Johan Abd Aziz with 32,570 votes.

12:26am: In Ampang, three-term incumbent Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin of Parti Bangsa Malaysia lost her deposit when she only managed to secure a paltry 4,589 votes, against Harapan’s Rodziah Ismail who won by a large landslide with 56,754 votes (majority of 29,681) in a nine-cornered fight for the seat.

12:23am: For Arau, incumbent Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, who switched from BN to PN after being dropped as a candidate by the former, has managed to retain his seat by a large landslide with 31,458 votes (majority of 23,216), compared to BN’s Rozabil Abd Rahman with 8,242 votes, and Harapan’s Fathin Amelina Fazlie with 7,089 voters.

12:17am: For Kulim – Bandar Baharu, Harapan’s Saifuddin Nasution Ismail has failed to retain his seat with 21,408 votes against PN’s Roslan Hashim, who won with 34,469 votes (majority of 13,061).

12:14am: For Titiwangsa, BN’s Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani has won with 25,042 votes (majority of 4,632), compared to Harapan’s Khalid Abd Samad with 20,410 votes, and PN’s Rosni Adam with 14,518 votes.

12:04am: Harapan’s Chiew Choon Man has won in Miri with 39,549 votes (majority of 6,159), compared to GPS’ Jeffery Phang with 33,390 votes, and PSB’s Lawrence Lai with 5,209 votes.

11:57pm: For the Langkawi parliamentary seat in Kedah, incumbent Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad of Pejuang has been unable to defend his seat with 4,566 votes, losing to PN’s Mohd Suhaimi Abdullah by a landslide with 25,463 votes (majority of 13,518).

11:41pm: For the Tanjung Piai parliamentary seat in Johor, Muda’s Lim Wei Jiet has lost with 17,233 votes to BN’s Datuk Seri Wee Jeck Seng with 23,593 votes (majority of 6,360).

11:30pm: For the Sri Aman parliamentary seat in Sarawak, GPS’ Datuk Seri Doris Sophia Brodie has won with 14,131 votes (majority of 4,039), compared to PSB’s Wilson Entabang with 10,092 vote, Independent candidate Datuk Masir Kujat with 5,673 votes, and Harapan’s Tay Wei Wei with 2,021 votes.

11.29pm: Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad from Harapan has retained his seat in Kuala Selangor with a slim majority of 1,002 votes (31,033) against former Finance Minister and BN’s Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz, who garnered 30,031 votes.

11:24pm: For the Ketereh parliamentary seat in Kelantan, PN’s Khlir Mohd Nor has won by a landslide of 40,542 votes (majority of 23,107), compared to BN’s Marzuani Ardilla Ariffin @ Gee with 17,435 votes, and Harapan’s Rahimi L Muhamud with 4,662 votes.

11:22pm: For the Kepong parliamentary seat, Harapan’s Lim Lip Eng has won by a large landslide with 64,308 votes (majority of 61,081), compared to BN’s Yap Zheng Hoe with 3,227 votes, and PN’s Phaang Jing Fatt with 2,795 votes.            

11:19pm: For the Pandan parliamentary seat, Harapan’s Rafizi Ramli has won by a landslide with 48,296 votes (majority of 22,590), compared to PN’s Leong Kok Wee with 25,706 votes, and BN’s Ong Tee Keat with 11,664 votes.

11:13pm: Defending incumbent Tengku Razaleigh Tengku Mohd Hamzah (21,663 votes), who has held the Gua Musang parliamentary seat for 36 years, has lost to PN’s Mohd Azizi Abu Naim with 21,826 votes, by a very slim majority of 163.

11:08pm: For the Muar parliamentary seat in Johor, Muda’s Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman has won with 19,961 votes (majority of 1,345), compared to PN’s Abdullah Husin with 18,616 votes, and BN’s 14,581 votes.

11.07pm: Harapan’s Muhammad Faiz Fadzil had lost the Tampin parliamentary seat with 22,007 votes against BN’s Datuk Mohd Isam Mohd Isa, who garnered 23,283 votes or a majority of 1,276.

11.02pm: MCA president Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong has retained his Ayer Hitam parliamentary seat leading by 2,963 votes after garnering 18,911 votes against Harapan’s Sheikh Umar Baghraib Ali, who garnered 15,948 votes.

10:59pm: For the Bakri parliamentary seat in Johor, Harapan’s Tan Hong Pin has won by a landslide with 36,636 votes (majority of 19,254) compared to BN’s Lee Ching Yong with 17,382 votes, and PN’s R.S. Chelvarajan with 17,222 votes.     

10:56pm: For the Tanjong Karang parliamentary seat, PN’s Zulkafperi Hanapi has won with 18,054 votes (majority of 2,180), compared to BN’s Habibah Mohd Yusof with 15,874 votes, and Muda’s Siti Rahayu Baharin with 12,314 votes.

10.50pm: BN’s Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan has retained his Pontian parliamentary seat with 23,201 votes (5,758 majority), against PN’s Datuk Isa, who garnered 17,443 votes, and Harapan’s Shazwan Zdainal Abidan with 15,901 votes.

10.45pm: Unofficial results show that Harapan candidate Liew Chin Tong is leading in Iskandar Puteri with 97,140 votes ahead of BN’s Datuk Jason Teoh Swe Hock (36,881) and PN’s Tan Nam Cha (29,660).

10:43pm: In the Sungai Buloh parliamentary seat, Harapan candidate Datuk R. Ramanan is unofficially ahead of the polls with 7,672 votes, versus BN’s Khairy Jamaluddin with 6,917 votes, and PN’s Mohd Ghazali Md Hamin with 3,923 votes.

10:41pm: For the Mas Gading parliamentary seat in Sarawak, Harapan’s Mordi Bimol has won with 17,274 votes (majority of 5,480) compared to GPS’ Lidang Disen with 11,794 votes, and PBK’s Sim Min Leong with 2,311 votes.  

10:36pm: For the Tanjong parliamentary seat in Penang, Harapan’s Lim Hui Ying has won by a landslide with 31,968 votes (majority of 28,754), compared to BN’s Tan Kim Nee with 3,214 votes, and PN’s H’ng Khoon Leng with 2,501 votes.

10:35pm: For the Sekijang parliamentary seat in Johor, Harapan’s Dr Zaliha Mustafa has won with a comfortable 18,941 votes (majority of 1,734), compared to BN’s Md Salleheen Mohamad with 17,207 votes, and PN’s Uzzair Ismail with 11,612 votes.

10:33pm: Harapan’s Chong Chieng Jen has won the Stampin parliamentary seat in Sarawak with 39,310 (majority of 7,158), against GPS’ Lo Khere Chiang with 32,152 votes, and PSB’s Lue Cheng Hing with 2,291 votes.

10.29pm: Unofficial results show that Harapan chairman Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is leading in Tambun ahead with 11,562 votes while Perak PN chief Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu comes in second with 9,885 votes.

10.16pm: Harapan candidate Dr Maszlee Malik was unable to retain the Simpang Renggam seat and lost to BN’s Datuk Hasni Mohammad with 1,821 votes ahead.

10:13pm: Harapan’s Pang Hok Liong has won the Labis parliamentary seat in Johor with 16,133 votes (majority of 3,408), against BN’s Datuk Chua Tee Yong with 13,300 votes and PN’s Alvin Chang Teck Kiam with 5,312 votes.

10.05pm: Harapan’s candidate Rodziah Ismail leading in Ampang with 15,448 votes against eight other candidates in unofficial results as of 10pm. Incumbent Ampang MP Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin has garnered 748 votes.

9.50pm: Malaysian United Democratic Alliance’s (Muda) Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman is unofficially leading the polls for the Muar parliamentary seat with 19,961 votes against PN’s Abdullah Husin with 18,616 votes and BN’s Mohd Helmy Abd Latif (14,581 votes). In a tweet, the Muda president briefly wrote #MuarKitaPunya at 9.08pm.

9.30pm: The unofficial results show that Harapan’s Dato Seri’ Amirudin Shari is dominating in the Gombak parliamentary seat with nearly 10,000 votes ahead of Perikatan Nasional’s (PN) Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.

9.15pm: Pakatan Harapan (Harapan) candidate Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad leading in Kuala Selangor with 10,704 votes ahead of Barisan Nasional’s (BN) Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz (9,250 votes) as at 9.12pm.

8:57pm: The first official result of GE15 is for the Igan parliamentary seat in Sarawak, where Ahmad Johnie Zawawi of Gabungan Parti Sarawak (15,824 votes) wins against Harapan’s Andri Zulkarnaen (1,162 votes) by a majority of 14,662 votes.

8:33pm: Rafizi Ramli thanks volunteers and assistants for helping to process the results of the Election Commission’s Form 14 in over 100 seats that are being contested by PKR.

8.23pm: Pakatan Harapan candidate for Puchong Yeo Bee Yin also tweeted that the Presiding Officer (KTM) at PP2 (polling centre 2) Saluran 12 (channel 12) refused to sign Form 14 and had called the Election Commission to rectify the matter.

8:15pm: Pakatan Harapan candidate for Segambut Hannah Yeoh said that the results for the parliamentary seat are delayed as the Presiding Officers (KTM) do not want to sign Form 14 for its polling/counting agents (Pacas).

Form 14 is also known as the Statement of the Poll after Counting the Ballot, which is to be signed by the KTM. Without it, the win of any candidate cannot be officially confirmed.

8:02pm: Youth-led election initiative VoteMalaysia said it has brought back approximately 35,092 postal votes from Malaysians residing abroad for GE15. The votes have been distributed to all polling centres nationwide, with 216 of the total 222 polling centres having received postal votes.

Malaysian citizen Chua Guat Hong, who has worked and resided in Beijing, China for over 11 years, rallied several friends to help submit the postal votes of Malaysian citizens residing in the city who were unable to do so due to the Covid-19 restrictions. — Picture by BERNAMA


6:06pm: After a 14-day campaign period, the waiting game begins in one of Malaysia’s most unpredictable general elections.

Polling stations closed at 6pm today in Peninsular Malaysia and 5.30pm in Sabah and Sarawak.

The Election Commission has confirmed the total voter turnout for GE15 stood at 70 per cent, as of 4pm.

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