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Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim signing a copy of the book on the Malaysia Madani framework, after delivering his mandate ‘Developing a Malaysia Madani’, at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre on January 19, 2023. — Picture by JABATAN PENERANGAN MALAYSIA

Govt to restructure economy based on three main strategies — PM Anwar

PUTRAJAYA, Jan 19 — The government will restructure the country’s economy based on three main strategies, namely to eradicate poverty, restructure and restore the economy, as well as generate the economy anchored on the concept of Malaysia Madani.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the nation’s economic expansion and growth should be achieved in a wider context of the human economy that prioritises the people’s needs.

“(This is)…specifically to free the poor and marginalised from poverty’s grip in an unbridled capitalistic system that nurtures inequality in wealth and living standards,” he said during his address at the Developing a Malaysia Madani event, earlier today.

Anwar said the main driver that would form the core of Malaysia Madani would be anchored on four main strategies, comprising rebuilding the economy, guaranteeing the wellbeing of the people, reforming democratic and legal institutions, as well as establishing a trustworthy administration.

The unity government under his leadership outlines the Madani concept as part of its initiative to map out its strategy to govern the country effectively and, at the same time, optimises the various government machinery responsible for policy implementation.

Anwar said the number of poor people is still high with more than 136,000 households in the hardcore poor category and over 308,000 households still in the poor category as of July 2022.

“Even though income is the basic element in determining poverty rate, other dimensions that form the basis of the quality of life should also be focused on,” he said.

Hence, the Prime Minister has proposed the Multidimensional Poverty Index as an alternative to measuring the poverty rate based on basic necessities dimensions such as education levels and food nutrition.

Madani also outlines economic restructuring that must be based on sustainable ethics which covers avoiding wastage and luxury, eradicating leakages and bribery, expediting aid and infrastructure for the people and equitable wealth distribution.

Anwar said, besides that, in efforts to restore and generate the economy, the government will encourage and fully support local industries that contribute to growth, and attract foreign investments to ensure the well-being of the people in line with the core Madani concept.

He said the development and progress of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is more meaningful to the country as this sector constitutes 97.2 per cent of businesses in Malaysia and employs almost 70 per cent of the workforce in the country.

“The development and progress of the SMEs are more meaningful than supporting the conglomerates. I don’t hold up (their opportunities) to compete but the government policies must be slightly adjusted from the previous approach,” Anwar added.

— Bernama

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