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A food court under the purview of the Subang Jaya City Council (MBSJ) in Puchong, Subang Jaya, on December 24, 2022. — Picture by AHMAD ZAKKI JILAN/SELANGORKINI

MBSJ: Rating of food premises to ensure hygiene, safety

By Diana Abd Wahab

SHAH ALAM, Jan 28 — The Subang Jaya City Council (MBSJ), through its Health Department, has outlined several grading standards for food premises that fall within its purview. 

The local council said the action was taken to ensure that the food prepared by the eateries is hygienic, healthy, and safe for their customers.

MBSJ said the cleanliness level for each food premise is assessed through a scoring system, namely 90-100 per cent for category A), 80-89 per cent (category B), 79-65 per cent (category C) and 65-0 per cent (ordered closed).

“MBSJ has made it mandatory for food operators to get the typhoid vaccine (Ty2) and attend courses that are approved by the Health Ministry.

“Wearing head covers, aprons as well as covered and clean shoes are also made mandatory for the food operators. They must ensure their nails are short and clean and are wearing face masks,” it said on Facebook.

The local authority said food operators are not allowed to smoke, wear rings, bangles or any other accessories on their hands.

In addition to installing a grease trap that is regularly maintained, MBSJ said that the food premises must also have a valid business licence.

It stated that food preparation and handling must be done within a height of 0.5 metres from the floor and that the food storage must be clean and tidy at all times.

“Operators are also required to use appropriate tools (tongs, spoons, etc.) when handling food,” it added.



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