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Delayed monorail project affected Putrajaya integrated transportation system — AG’s report

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 16 — The postponement of the Putrajaya Monorail project has affected the integrated transportation system in the Federal territory, and would be a waste if the infrastructure built is not utilised, according to the Auditor General’s 2021 Series 2, released today.

The report said the delay in the development of the monorail, which serves as the backbone of Putrajaya’s public transportation system, also had an impact on bus services and the use of related facilities.

“Instead, the government had to provide TLK (parking spaces) to overcome traffic congestion in the core and residential areas,” the report said.

According to the report, the construction of the monorail project, which covers two routes, namely Line 1 (13.2 kilometres (km)) and Line 2 (6 km), as well as the monorail station at Putrajaya Sentral Terminal, Precinct 7 has not yet been completed.

The report disclosed that the audit was unable to confirm the reasons for the project’s suspension in 2004 because no supporting documents were obtained.

“The audit’s physical visit on August 16, 2022, confirmed that a part of the infrastructure such as the pillar structure for the tracks, and the bridge for the monorail, had been constructed,” the report said.

Four of the six development infrastructure projects have been completed, but only three modes of transport were fully utilised, it said.

Four projects that have been completed are Express Rail Link (ERL); bus; water transport; and pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes, while the three fully utilised modes are ERL, bus and pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes.

Therefore, the report recommended that the Federal Territories Ministry (KWP) and the Putrajaya Corporation (PPj) review the development plan in line with the conceptual changes of Putrajaya’s development to ensure appropriate infrastructure facilities can be developed and utilised.

It is also recommended that the KWP, the Ministry of Transport and the PPj set the direction in which the infrastructure is to be used to benefit the people and avoid wastage.

— Bernama

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