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China opens borders for foreign tourist groups coming from abroad

BEIJING, March 31 — China is opening its borders for foreign tourist groups starting this Friday as part of the government’s decision to abandon its ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards Covid-19 infections, the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism said.

“Starting today, Chinese travel agencies and online tourist service providers will resume the organisation of inbound group tours for foreign citizens and provision of ‘plane tickets plus allocation’ services,” the ministry’s statement read, reported Sputnik.

In December 2022, the Chinese government started to gradually ease its ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards Covid-19 cases, which had been the strictest in the world for almost three years, following mass protests against restrictions in a number of cities.

In January 2023, China completely cancelled quarantine and PCR testing for people coming from abroad and resumed accepting applications from Chinese citizens for passports to travel to other countries for the purpose of tourism.

— Bernama

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