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A view of a paddy field in Sabak, Sabak Bernama, on March 27, 2023. — Picture by REMY ARIFIN/SELANGORKINI

Sabda to create job opportunities, attract youths back to “district of elderlies”

By Sofia Nasir

SHAH ALAM, March 28 — The ongoing Sabak Bernam Development Area (Sabda) project is projected to offer job opportunities which would in return stimulate economic growth in the district.

Sabak state representative Ahmad Mustain Othman said that the initiative, which is one of the game-changers under the First Selangor Plan (RS-1), is also expected to eliminate the perception of Sabak Bernam as a “district of elderlies”.

“Many are saying that Sabak Bernam is an ageing society and we are facing this issue because there aren’t enough job opportunities here.

“The youths are forced to move out from the district to make a living. Even the schools don’t have many students left,” he told SelangorKini.

Ahmad Mustain said that his party is prepared to help the state government ensure that the project with an investment value of RM1.9 billion would succeed and give the best return.

He said that the project is also expected to transform Sabak Bernam into a leading agricultural district, which would contribute to the state’s progress.

Announced in July last year, Sabda involves the development of high-value crops on an area of 1,317 hectares, which is estimated to generate up to RM248 million in revenue annually.

Among its main projects include the development of the Sekinchan Fish Landing Complex, Rest and Treatment (R&R) construction and the Air Manis business centre.

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