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JPN denies news portal’s special Malaysia Day series as ‘inaccurate information’

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 22 — The National Registration Department (JPN) has denied some of the information and facts reported by Malaysiakini in its special Malaysia Day series on the issue of stateless people in Malaysia from September 15 to September 22.

It said one of the reports on a stateless child ‘Andy’ (not his real name), who was said to have found it difficult to get treated for HIV due to alleged bureaucracy issues in JPN Sabah, is a totally baseless accusation.

“Citizenship applications are always subject to the provisions of the Federal Constitution and legislation in force.

“JPN has never discriminated against any application received. Every fact and documentary evidence submitted by the applicant will be scrutinised, following the legal requirements and procedures which have been set before a decision is made,” read the statement today.

It said another report which claimed stateless people were prevented from registering births by the Lahad Datu JPN is also untrue.

“All births which take place in Malaysia must be registered, and a birth certificate will be issued with a status of either being a citizen or non-citizen.

“There is nothing to prevent non-citizen parents from registering their children,” JPN said.

According to the statement, JPN always considers the welfare and humanitarian elements of those dealing with the department. However, it is also JPN’s responsibility and priority to comply with the Constitution, legislation, and regulations in force to ensure Malaysia’s security and sovereignty.

— Bernama

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