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Devotees praying th the Sri Vel Murugan Alayam temple in Kluang,Johor ob Jene 24, 2023. — Picture via FACEBOOK / Sri Vel Murugan Temple

Simpang Jeram indian community want simplified homes ownership, temple

MUAR, Sept 1 — Owning her own home has been a long-time dream for S.Ganawaly, 75, from Taman Bukit Pasir, Bakri here.

She said that although many housing projects were built in Simpang Jeram, her family cannot afford any of those houses priced at RM200,000 and above.

The mother of three children aged between 20 and 25 said her husband, who works as a lorry driver, only earns RM1,600 a month.

“Owning a home is better, we will be very happy,” said Ganawaly, who is a voter in the Simpang Jeram state constituency.

With enough income to ‘just get by’, and RM600 deducted every month to pay the house rent, has caused a deficit in their financial status and causing banks to reject their loan applications, she added.

Ganawaly said she really hopes that the representative elected in the Simpang Jeram by-election would be able to bring the problems of the Indian community to the state government’s attention, so that the best solution can be reached, for example through the construction of more low-cost houses.

Meanwhile, Bakri Indian Community Welfare Association deputy chairman K. Samynathan said that the issue faced by Ganawaly, is one of the problems faced by hundreds of other Indians in the area.

Of the 40,379 voters in Simpang Jeram, Indians comprise about 1,000, he said.

Apart from the housing issue, he said the Indian community in Simpang Jeram also hoped that the construction of a temple in the area, especially in Sungai Abong, could be implemented as soon as possible.

Currently, they have to go to Muar town, which is located about nine kilometres from the village areas to pray at the Sri Murugan Temple and the Mariamman Temple.

For M.Nadomaran, 68, from Taman Bakri Jaya, a temple near their home in Simpang Jeram will it easier for them to celebrate any festival related to their faith.

— Bernama

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