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LLSB refutes alleged land transfer approval, emphasises good governance practices

By Selangor Journal Team

SHAH ALAM, April 20 — Landasan Lumayan Sdn Bhd (LLSB) has refuted the claims made by Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia’s (Bersatu) Badrul Hisham Shaharin, better known as Chegu Bard, who alleged that the state government had approved the transfer of land to its sister company Landasan Lumayan Berjaya Sdn Bhd (LLBSB).

The subsidiary of Menteri Besar Selangor (Incorporated), or MBI, said that the alleged unlawful land transfer was a defamatory act that would only humiliate the accuser.

Additionally, LLSB reaffirmed its commitment to protect the company’s reputation and the Selangor government from accusations regarding the governance and process involved in managing the Selangor Maritime Gateway (SMG) initiative.

It said it would also take legal action against anyone who disseminated defamatory information against it with the intention to harm the company’s reputation and the SMG project.

“Today, an individual named Badrul Hisham bin Shaharin, commonly known as ‘Chegu Bard’, has repeated allegations regarding the ethics, integrity, and administration of LLSB and its associated company, Landasan Lumayan Berjaya Sdn Bhd (LLBSB).

“Chegu Bard is already facing legal action due to his unfounded accusation against the SMG project in several prior defamation cases.

“Such action should be avoided… A police report will be filed so the authorities can take the necessary action,” the statement read.

LLSB said it strictly adheres to good governance and management practices and has invited all parties to assess the progress made in transforming Sungai Klang.

This covers initiatives to improve river cleanliness and water quality, preserve and conserve biodiversity, and foster local economic growth.

“The proposal made by LLBSB follows a negotiation process that is standard procedure for any kind of business. Evaluations of proposals must follow corporate governance practices.

“It should be noted that the river cleaning and conservation efforts in Selangor began partly after LLSB and Berjaya Corporation Bhd were invited by the Environment and Water Ministry, in which Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man was the minister,” it added.

Earlier, the Menteri Besar’s political secretary, Saifuddin Shafi Muhammad, said the accusations made by Chegu Bard have been deliberate ahead of the upcoming Kuala Kubu Baharu by-election on May 11 and that legal action will follow.

He said the move to make the false allegations was similar to what occurred in the 2023 Selangor State Election last August, where the accuser also faced legal action from Dato’ Sero Amirudin Shari for making false statements.

Chegu Bard, who is a Bersatu Information Committee member, claimed that he had supporting documents to prove his allegations that the Selangor government had transferred 100.04 acres of land in Dengkil to LLBSB.

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