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Subang Jaya assemblywoman Michelle Ng Mei Sze with visitors to the Rahmah Sale at the  Subang Jaya police headquarters on Sept 25, 2023. — Photo by NUR ADIBAH AHMAD IZAM/SELANGORKINI

Subang Jaya to improve collection of recyclable waste

SUBANG JAYA, Sept 25 — The service of collecting recyclables from residents’ homes in Subang Jaya will be expanded.

Its representative said the matter was studied after taking into account the importance of recycling habits in addition to educating individuals about waste management.

According to Subang Jaya assemblywoman Michelle Ng Mei Sze, discussions with KDEB Waste Management (KDEBWM) have been held recently to launch the operation.

“We have discussed with KDEBWM and they agreed to carry out at least three times a week the collection of recyclables from residents’ homes.

“We will make an announcement on the initiative from the Subang Jaya State Assembly office regarding the implementation method in the near future,” she said at the Ehsan Rahmah Sale at the Subang Jaya district police headquarters here today.

Ng also suggested the State Government increase allocations for infrastructure improvements in the next Selangor Budget.

“During the last state election campaign, I received a lot of feedback from local residents, who wanted the State Government to pay attention to infrastructure issues.

“”As we all know, Selangor was established more than 50 years ago and much of its infrastructure is already in poor shape and in need of urgent repairs. I hope this matter is given proper focus,” she said.

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