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By Editor Selangor Journal Published on Sep 13, 2019
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NILAI – The use of water sprinkler or water spraying when the quarry is in operation is not only deployed during the haze season, but also on every working day, said Roadstone Sdn Bhd operations manager Muhamad Haqime Amdan.

The use of water sprinkler or water spraying in the air and on lorry tyres moving out of the quarry have been utilised since 2016 to reduce the spread of dust from quarry activities.

“We have been carrying this initial measure to reduce dust such as using water sprinklers and water trucks to keep the track wet as well as the routine spraying of water at the exit of the quarry since 2016,” said Muhamad Haqime.

“On the overall, the centre has 20 water sprinklers and routine water spraying spots along the entrance for workers every three hours daily,” he said.

However, he said the company would be increasing the frequency of water spraying, especially during the haze season, to ensure the effect of dust in the area did not affect the health of motorists and nearby residents.

On the operation of the quarry following the haze issue now, Muhamad Haqime said quarry activities are proceeding as normal according to market demand.

Based on an observation made at the location, it was found several lorries entering and exiting every half an hour in the area were seen not spewing a lot of dust as the road was kept wet.

Spraying water was seen carried out on every tyre of lorries exiting…


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