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The Ampang Jaya Municipal Council’s Special Action Squad members undergoing a disaster simulation to prepare for the monsoon season at Lembah Jaya. — Picture by MAJLIS PERBANDARAN AMPANG JAYA

MPAJ personnel, rescue assets at the ready for plausible floods

By Sheeda Fathil

SHAH ALAM, Oct 3 — The Ampang Jaya Municipal Council’s (MPAJ) rescue team have conducted a disaster simulation to prepare for the monsoon season.

It said 156 members of the council’s Special Action Squad (Pantas) took part in the exercise, held in Lembah Jaya recently.

“The training and simulation also included activities like building resilience in water, self-rescue techniques in water, victim rescue techniques, and operating rescue boats.

“MPAJ also provided over 100 assets like boats, kayaks, trucks, four-wheel-drive vehicles, drones, winches, and tents to deal with any possible disasters,” it said in a statement.

The council also provided 12 temporary relocation centres and control centres in the following locations in the event of a disaster. They include:

  • Dewan Perbandaran MPAJ (along Jalan Pandan Ilmu in Pandan Indah)
  • Dewan Dato’ Ahmad Razali (along Jalan Besar Ampang in Ampang)
  • Dewan AU2 (along Jalan AU2A in Taman Sri Keramat)
  • Dewan AU5 (along Jalan AU5 in Taman Lembah Keramat)
  • Dewan Ukay Perdana (along Jalan Persiaran Sering Ukay 2 in Taman Ukay Perdana)
  • Dewan Cheras Hartamas (along Jalan Cheras Hartamas 8 (Bayu Mas) in Taman Bukit Segar)
  • Dewan Cempaka (along Jalan Cempaka 25 in Taman Cempaka)
  • Dewan Cheras Baru (along Jalan Kuari in Kg. Cheras Baru)
  • Dewan Tasik Tambahan (along Jalan Tasik Tambahan 3 in Kg. Tasik Tambahan)
  • Dewan Ampang Jaya (along Jalan 1 Taman Ampang Jaya)
  • Dewan Jalan H in Kg. Pandan
  • Dewan Lembah Jaya Utara (along Jalan Bukit Belacan in Taman Desa Lembah Permai)

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