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Luas personnel inspecting  the affected road and nearby drains following a road crash to ensure the river and water supply nearby are free of pollutants on November 2, 2023.. — Picture via FACEBOOK/ Luas 

Exco: Prompt Luas action mitigates potential pollution, treatment plants shutdown

By Selangor Journal Team 

SHAH ALAM, Nov 2 — Proactive mitigation action by the Selangor Water Management Authority (Luas) following a highway accident yesterday had circumvented a potential pollution incident and ensured the continuous operation of the state’s main water treatment plants (WTP). 

According to state executive councillor for environment Jamaliah Jamaluddin, an accident involving a trailer at KM436.8 along the Plus Highway at 5pm yesterday had caused an engine oil spill near several key rivers and not far from four WTPs. 

Namely, the WTPs are the  Rantau Panjang, Sungai Selangor Phase 1 (SSP1), SSP2 and SSP3, which are located within a 23.8km radius of the accident site. 

“Luas conducted an immediate on-site inspection to assess the area and its surroundings, to identify potential impacts and risks to nearby water resources.

“Upon inspection, it is learnt that the trailer had leaked engine oil onto the road, which eventually entered the nearby drainage system. 

“It poses a potential risk of contaminating Sungai Serendah, as well as tributaries like Sungai Garing, Sungai Kundang, and Sungai Sembah, which could eventually enter Sungai Selangor,” she said in a statement today. 

Early preventive measures were immediately taken by Plus Malaysia Bhd, including by placing sawdust in the affected areas and along the drains. 

Luas also placed 50 oil pads along the highway drain where the accident took place to avoid further oil spills from entering the nearby rivers, Jamaliah said. 

She said cleaning works at the site were later completed around 1.45am today.

Based on the latest check by Luas, the affected road and nearby drains are now completely free from pollutants.

However, Jamaliah said Luas will continue to monitor the area, including at the accident site and along the Sungai Serendah, to ensure no pollutants enter the river.

“The immediate mitigation effort has effectively prevented the operation of the main WTPs from being affected.” 

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