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EC urged not to become Umno BN’s ‘errand-boy’

SERI ANDALAS, OCT 12: The Election Commission (EC) was warned not to become an ‘errand-boy’ to the Umno Barisan Nasional Government, as it had failed to uphold its proper function and now is seemingly becoming more inclined towards Umno BN in the delineation of electoral boundaries issue.
Seri Muda Assemblyman Shuhaimi Shafiei said that EC has favoured Umno to contest in areas created solely for Umno without considering other Barisan Nasional coalition parties.
“The picture given was that they are mainly focusing to win in at least 35 areas with this new delineation proposal.
“Obviously EC is doing this upon instructions from Umno and Barisan Nasional,” he said.
He said that at a media conference with Seri Andalas Assemblyman Dr Xavier Jayakumar at the Seri Andalas Constituency Service Centre, here, on October 12.
Prior to this, the delineation process undertaken by EC had raised many concerns and was seen as favouring the ruling party, Umno BN.
Due to that, many parties have come forward to urge EC to be more transparent and to carry out its function without favouring any political party.
“The proposal for delineation of electoral boundaries was made in haste, and on consideration and strategically for Umno to win.
“We call on the rakyat to open their eyes on what EC is doing now,” he said.

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