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Banning ‘kapcai’ entering KL makes no sense

SHAH ALAM JAN 17: The Federal Government’s proposal to prohibit motorcycles with small engine capacity, or ‘kapcai’, entering Kuala Lumpur is absurd in the country’s dismal economic state.
KEADILAN Communications Director Fahmi Fadzil said the policy negatively impacts various parties, including industries that rely on motorbikes.
“When prices of oil and goods are rising, while public transport networks from door to door is still incomplete, this ban doesn’t make sense; not responsible and doesn’t have a good coordination.
“This is the latest evidence that Umno-BN will continue to pose problems and burden the people,” he said in a statement.
He was commenting on the comment by Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor that the government is considering the ban in order to reduce congestion and carbon emissions, in addition to ‘kapcai’ often being used in snatch thefts.
Fahmi said the ban will also affect sales of motorcycles and businesses that depend on the vehicle for transport purposes.
“It negatively impacts small and medium businesses which need courier services, which in turn, are mostly using ‘kapcai’ for delivery of goods in the economy,” he said.
Fahmi urged the Ministry of Federal Territories and Kuala Lumpur City Hall to discuss with the public before making any announcements that affect their lives.

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