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PPKS takes care of truck drivers

KLANG, JAN 15: Container truck drivers in Selangor will be taken care of after the establishment of Selangor Container Drivers Association (PPKS).
Manager Jaafar Yusof said although the association was established in 2012, many drivers do not know the real function of the association is to protect their rights.
“Since 2000, no association or activity has been arranged for drivers and there is no one to help them especially if there are accidents.
“Although PPKS was established four years ago, no implementation has been made even though plans and introduction sessions were made from time to time. One main objective of today’s badminton competition is to convey information to drivers about the purpose of the association’s establishment,” he said to SelangorKini during the YB Amirudin Shari Haulier Cup Badmintion Tournament at TM Sport Centre, Kota Pendamar, Klang Port recently.
Jaafar said many drivers do not see the benefits or use of the association as there has not been a dedicated association for them in 16 years.
“We want them to know that there is a place for them to lodge complaints regarding intimidation and low pay.
“PPKS also plans various programmes to aid and help association members,” he said.

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