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BBC DNS: Opposition be brave to provide valid proof on SMUE issue

SHAH ALAM, MAR 29: Selangor Government Supporters’ Club (BBC DNS) has challenged opposition’s wakil rakyat, from Umno-BN to provide valid proof on the statement given outside Selangor State Assembly (DNS) relating to Skim Mesra Usia Emas (SMUE).
Sekinchan Assemblyman, Ng Suee Lim said the accusation was made in DNS without valid evidence is unacceptable and it is an unhealthy practice.
“This is a bad and slanderous accusation as every payment made with SMUE money is audited but they revealed the minutes of meeting in the assembly session but we do not know what.
“It is a baseless accusation, hence we ask that if there is evidence that RM35,000 has been used as Damansara Utama Assemblyman, Yeo Bee Yin said, please say it outside the assembly session and do not use the immunity in the assembly,” she said the a media session at the DNS lobby yesterday.
In the DNS session, several Umno-BN Assemblymen particularly Kuang Assemblyman, Datuk Abdul Shukur Idrus raised the SMUE issue accusing several Assemblymen including PAKATAN Members of Parliament of being involved.
Sri Andalas Assemblyman, Dr Xavier Jayakumar said, SMUE is an aid scheme which has been ongoing since 2008, benefiting around 800,000 recipients so far. Hence Umno-BN must be out of ideas to be raising this issue now.
“It’s simple, if the event of any death, we as wakil rakyat will withdraw RM1,000 to be given to the beneficiary and the record will be submitted to District Office, so it is impossible for any corruption to happen,” he said.
Hulu Kelang Assemblyman, Saari Sungip said, the wild accusation is not just directed to wakil rakyat from PAKATAN but also aimed at Selangor civil servant.
Meanwhile, Selat Klang Assemblyman, Dr Halimah Ali said, there is recent news stating that Umno Selat Klang has made a police report relating to this issue as it is believed to be related to him.
“But for me, this is not an issue as Selangor Children’s Heritage Foundation (Yawas) conducts periodical audits and we have no problem because we have all the files and documents, we are prepared to cooperate. To me this accusation is politically motivated,” he said.

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