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MBPJ scored 80% in audit management system

PETALING JAYA, MAR 3: Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) scored 79.74% in Public Services Internal Audit System last year.
Its Mayor, Dato’ Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain said the score falls under a category which needs monitored improvement.
He said, the assessment was based on five indicators which are Practice Value Records, Ideal Value Index, Personal Value Index, Organisational Value Index and Customer Feedback Index.
“Based on indexes obtained last year, the score for Organisational Value Index was 65.21%, most unsatisfactory based on the overall MBPJ Value Index score.
“The index is used to measure the perception from officers or employees on organisational behaviour,” he said in an MBPJ meeting recently.
In this regard, Mohd Azizi hoped that Departmental Heads can foster and increase programmes that emphasize positive behaviours in organisations.
He said, negative behaviours need to be reduced to increase positive perceptions among MBPJ officers and employees.
“Various effort and welfare programmes are provided by MBPJ such as MBPJ clinic, panel clinics, insurance, staff quarters, rest houses, Ramadhan contribution, Eid contribution, Best Service Award and many more.
“I really hope that MBPJ can attain a higher score in this Internal Audit compared to last year,” he said.

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