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IPTA must focus on education

KUALA LUMPUR, APR 4: The Public Higher Education Institution (IPTA) must focus on education although it is not an issue to conduct business so long it doesn’t stray from its education objectives.
Kuala Kedah Member of Parliament, Dr Azman Ismail said universities must prioritise themselves as educational institutions without too much focus on looking for profit.
“A university’s goal is to educate and not to conduct business. Nevertheless, if it doesn’t interfere with its education objectives, then it is not a problem,” he said.
He said that in his supplementary question to Higher Education Deputy Minister, Datuk Mary Yap Kain Ching during an oral question and answer session in Dewan Rakyat.
He also recommended the Federal Government to give encouragement to students who have become innovative by selling their animation products online, due to economic pressure.
Ms Ching replied that in fact, public universities encourage its students and staffs who are involved in entrepreneurship, consistent with the 2015-2025 Higher Education Development Plan.

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