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Anti-Muslim monk visits Rohingya settlement

YANGON, MAY 5: Provocations of anti-Islamist campaign on the Rohingyas are launched strongly by the Myanmar government to put continuous pressure on Muslim community in the country.
In a latest development, the Myanmar Buddhist Monk who has been labelled as the ‘face of Buddhist terror’ for his anti-Islamist stance visited Rakhine, one of the main Rohingya community’s settlement.
The visit significantly fired up more religious tension between the Muslim Rakhine community and the Buddhist, reported AFP.
Meanwhile, United Nations’ (UN) Investigators revealed that hundreds of Rohingyas have been killed while over 70,000 more have become refugees.
Although the claim was denied by Myanmar’s leader, the continuous atrocities launched by Myanmar Army may possibly have caused more Rohingyas to be victimised.
The crisis and suppression of the Rohingya ethnic has drawn international critics following the continuous violence by Myanmar administration against the group.
The general opinion is that the Rohinya crisis in Myanmar is related to disputes on religious issues and problems.
Malaysia has taken an open standpoint based on the principles of universal Islam and courtesy to allow Rohingya ethnic settlement in this country.
Satirically, Malaysia as ASEAN Chairman should create a more aggressive initiative and planning as a demand to stop violence against the Rohingya in Myanmar.
UN has listed the Rohingya as the most oppressed community in the world.
The violence had forced a huge number of them to flee their homes to become refugees.

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