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FAS urged to stop tarnishing the State Government’s image

SHAH ALAM, APR 30: The State Government gave a stern warning to the Football Association of Selangor (FAS) to not tarnish the State’s Government’s image.
Exco of Youth, Sports, Culture and Entrepreneur Development, Amirudin Shari said the State Government’s efforts to restore the glory of football in Selangor before this made with the utmost courtesy.
He said the State Government is also happy if FAS no longer want to use the SUK field that is being used as the training ground for the Red Giants players at the moment.
“We are more than happy to take the field back. There is no problem they can leave it to us again.
“FAS can go out and find another field that more in line with their players.
“Before this we make with the utmost courtesy, we did not want to press them and do not want drastic changes,” he said.
Amirudin remind FAS that the SUK field was managed by the association, not the State Government.
“If they say it’s a poor field, then it is because of FAS themselves because they are the one maintaining them. If they feel it is not suitable, the State Government is ready to take it back.
“We could give to many other associations or as a centre for the development of our football,” he said.
At the same time, he said the football’s issue is a certain individual’s game that is close to Barisan Nasional politics.
“They accuse us of politicising the issue. I want to ask Datuk Seri Subahan who is the one who politicises it?
“With regard to the direction, the State Government has the right to choose whoever that we feel more competitive in the long term.
“We do not want to win a trophy for like only one or two years, but we want to develop a long term,” he said.

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