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MB: Seek moral guidance in facing current challenges

MOROCCO, MAY 2: Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali reminded students in the Middle East to look for moral guidance in facing current challenges in this century.
He said, in life, moral must be balanced with high spiritual elements in order not to stray from the right path.
He also quoted words from world-famous scientist, Albert Einstein who said that Science without religion is lame while religion without Science is also blind.
“That means we can discuss technology and Internet of Things (IOT) but without religion, we will become lame and religion without Science will also blind us. We will not be able to compete in this world full of challenges.
“Therefore, in Selangor, the State Government balances these two. We have the Maahad Tahfiz Integrasi Sains so that students who study religion are also knowledgeable in Science.
“It doesn’t matter what field we are studying, we must balance it with Islam,” he said in a meeting with Selangor students in Rabat.
At the same time, Mohamed Azmin wants the students to take advantage of being in the Middle East to master other languages besides Malay, English and Arabic.
He said that as these students are lucky enough to be in the one and only land at the moment that talks about the principles of Syariah and Islamic Centres.
“Students should be thankful to be here. It is here that several leading figures discussed these principles and engage in great debates in the Region including in Malaysia,” he said.
He also guaranteed that Selangor has a clear policy for Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) to play a big role to uphold Islam in many forms of commitments.
“We provide a huge budget for JAIS to manage and develop various initiatives.
“We are sure that a trustworthy administration will give great returns to the country and while being empowered, I want every cent being spent to benefit not only those in Selangor but our children here as well,” he said.
Mohamed Azmin hopes that the students can serve in Selangor after their studies so that the Islamic teachings and values can be fostered in the State Government administration.
He had also expressed pleasure and excitement in meeting students from the three countries, while creating strong unity and brotherhood in realising education as the main pillar in Selangor administration plan.

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