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MPSJ Drafting Local Plan for Subang Jaya

SUBANG JAYA – Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) is drafting a Local Plan for Subang Jaya in 2035 (DRTSJ2035) to replace the MPSJ Local Plan (Amendment 2) 2020 which expires next year.

MPSJ President Noraini Roslan said there are some improvements that will be included in the DRTSJ2035 compared to the previous Local Plan.

According to Noraini, among the reforms and improvements that would be made would be reader-friendly reporting using graphics, diagrams and pictures.

“Other reforms include Transit Oriented Development (TOD) based on commercial development around selected public transport stations,” said Noraini.

“In addition, the MPSJ will also convert the density planning (income) standard to the use of the Plot Ratio for appropriate housing development as we anticipate an increase of 500,000 in the next 20 years,” she added.

Noraini said this when chairing the MPSJ Full Meeting No. 8/2019 at the MPSJ Headquarters, here on 29 August.

Noraini noted that the DRTSJ2035 will be brought to the Selangor State Planning Committee (JPN) for approval and reporting that is to be done by the State Authority.

“MPSJ will apply for the State Authority’s approval for all Local Plan Draft volumes but will only publish Volume 3: Development Control while Volumes 1,2 and 4, if any changes are to be done to it, should require the approval of the Council, JPN and State Authorities only.” she said.

In addition to Volume 3, the DRTSJ2035 contains four volumes namely Volume 1 – Written Statement and Proposed Map; Volume 2 – Development Strategy and Action and Volume 4 – Development Guidelines.

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