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A visitor scans the SELangkah QR code displayed at the Padang Awam Batu Caves public hall, on May 8, 2020. — Picture by FIKRI YUSOF/SELANGORKINI

Selangor exco: Manual registration accepted for non-tech savvy visitors

By Afix Redzuan

SHAH ALAM, May 13 — Manual registration is allowed for all senior citizens and those who are less tech-savvy should they have problems in using the SELangkah contact tracing system when visiting government offices, retail outlets and restaurants.

State Health, Welfare, Women Empowerment and Family Committee chairman Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud said an exception is also made for those who do not own a smartphone, as the SELangkah method requires people to scan a QR code and key in their name and phone number at each place they visit.

“The state government is finding ways to cater to those who do not have smartphones,” said Dr Siti Mariah at a press conference here on May 13.

Places that use SELangkah — the acronym for “Langkah Masuk dengan Selamat” — also need not ask their customers to provide their contact details twice (once manually and once more via SELangkah), as the authorities do not need duplicate versions of the information for contact tracing.

Dr Siti Mariah said all contact details provided will be shared between the state government, the Selangor State Health Department and local authorities. These governing bodies also have direct access to the SELangkah system to monitor and audit its implementation.

Businesses are required to adhere to the standard operating procedures already outlined for them.

“We urge all business owners and the public to fully use the SELangkah system so that we can ease the contact tracing process for the frontliners and also protect ourselves,” she said.

SELangkah uses an automated concept to effectively register the visitation record of an individual to a particular premise.

It requires the visitors to scan the QR code displayed at the premise using their smartphone and key in the required information such as name and phone number.

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