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A look at the interior of the Smart Selangor C5i Operation Centre (SSOC) run by the Smart Selangor Delivery Unit (SSDU), which is mandated to spearhead the development of Smart Selangor programmes. — Picture by ASRI SAPFIE/SELANGORKINI

Smart state plan rollout hits minor snags

By Selangor Journal Team

SHAH ALAM, Nov 11 — Sixty per cent of the 60 initiatives outlined under the Smart Selangor Action Plan 2025 has been developed, says Smart Selangor Delivery Unit (SSDU) managing director Dr Fahmi Ngah.

He said, however, only 35 per cent of the blueprint has been implemented as there were restrictions throughout the periods of movement control order in Selangor this year and last.

“Some of the Smart Selangor initiatives that have been implemented include the widespread use of the Smart Selangor Parking (SSP), which has to date recorded 1.8 million users, the utilisation of the Intelligent Response Selangor (i-RS) by 39 state government entities to fix potholes, and the Selangor Intelligent Transport System (SITS), which provides updates on the arrival time of the Smart Selangor buses at their stations.

“We have received good response from the public on the use of the applications. For example, the SSP application has already recorded 1.8 million users in both urban and rural areas. The Smart Selangor bus stations had also recorded an average total of 600 users a day before the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Fahmi in an exclusive interview with Utusan Malaysia today.

Fahmi said in formulating a plan, the needs of many different groups of people have to be taken into account, and this poses one of the challenges in executing the Smart Selangor initiative.

The SSDU also has to conduct research on similar concepts already in use by others that can be emulated by Selangor.

In addition, it is challenging to implement a large-scale initiative to different levels of the state administration, even though this is necessary to ensure better services for the public.

“This can only be done with good cooperation and trust between SSDU and the civil servants,” Fahmi was quoted by the Malay daily.

The Selangor smart state concept is the first to be introduced in the country and aims to improve the state government’s digital service delivery system, elevate the people’s quality of life for more prosperity, harmony and inclusiveness, and ensure environmental sustainability.


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