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V Ganabatirau observing a recipient of a curtain sewing machine using the appliance, during the Hulu Langat District Poverty Eradication Blueprint programme at Kuarters Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah Hulu Langat in Bangi, on November 11, 2021. Photo FIKRI YUSOF/SELANGORKINI.

Many conditions relaxed, more people expected to apply for business tools this year

By Zareef Muzammil

SHAH ALAM, Jan 25 — Requests for assistance from the Poverty Eradication Blueprint programme are expected to increase this year following the relaxation of some conditions, said the state executive councillor for socioeconomic development V Ganabatirau.

He said the condition involves equipment and machinery aid valued up to RM10,000 as compared to RM5,000 last year, in addition to the applicant’s age limit being lowered to 21 years.

The councillor added that the assistance is also now open to hawkers, traders and self-employed individuals whose monthly income is below RM3,000 as compared to RM1,500 before.

“We are improving the criteria for this application so that more people can qualify even though the overall allocation to implement this programme remains at RM2 million,” he said when contacted.

Ganabatirau said the state government will discuss with all District and Land offices starting next month to determine the individuals who are eligible to receive the aid from the applications submitted until the end of last year.

“Consequently, we are seeking opinions from the State Economic Planning Unit and the village heads who also conducted random inspections,” he said, adding that the Koperasi Warga Hijrah Selangor Berhad (Kohijrah) will be the supplier of the equipment and machines for the programme this year.

This year, the state government allocated a total of RM2 million to continue the Poverty Eradication Blueprint programme that was introduced since 2008 which targets the low-income group (B40).

The programme which benefited 236 individuals last year includes those who ventured into sewing businesses, retail businesses, food, childcare, small businesses and handicrafts.

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