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A flooded Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) power substation in Jalan Kenangan, Meru, on December 18, 2021. — Picture via FACEBOOK

TNB advises public to prioritise electrical safety during floods

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 11 — Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) advises the public always to prioritise and emphasise the prudent use of electrical equipment during the northeast monsoon season, which is expected to begin today and last until March next year.

Its group corporate communications acting head, Wan Seri Rahayu Wan Mohamad Said, reminded the public to turn off the main switch in their premises if flood waters begin to rise and if they are instructed to move to a relief centre.

“With heavy continuous rain expected in several states, there is a high possibility of floods occurring in low-lying areas. For residents in flood-hit areas, it is important to adhere to instructions given by the authorities if asked to evacuate.

“Residents are also encouraged to contact the TNB CareLine line at 15454 or through the Facebook TNB Careline if there is a disconnected or collapsed installation for immediate action. For public safety, there will be monitoring of the condition of each installation from time to time,” she said in a statement.

Rahayu said TNB would also disconnect the electricity supply to the affected areas temporarily for the public’s safety, which will only be restored once flood waters recede and the situation is safe again.

She also listed several measures that can be taken during floods, as well as during pre and post-flood situations.

They include moving electrical equipment to a higher level, and during floods, people must ensure that the main switch is closed to avoid electric shock, and people should not enter flooded areas.

“Additionally, avoid touching electrical equipment or cables submerged in flood waters even if they are coated with insulation; avoid approaching or touching iron poles or TNB installations that are submerged in water to avoid the risk of electric shock; and make sure all socket switches are switched off,” Rahayu said.

She also asked the public to charge handphone power banks in advance so they can use their mobile phones to facilitate communication and to turn off the system if premises are installed with a solar PV (photovoltaic) system before leaving the house.

As for electrical safety guidance after a flood, the public should turn off the main electrical switch before cleaning electrical equipment and have an electrical contractor registered with the Energy Commission (ST) to check submerged electrical equipment, in addition to monitoring children so they do not approach damaged electrical lines.

TNB is prepared to face the possibility of flood disasters to ensure orderly and effective electricity supply management.

Meanwhile, in a separate statement, the ST also called on the public to prioritise electricity and gas safety by practising safety tips ahead of the Deepavali celebrations.

For electrical safety, people are advised to test the Residual Current Device (PAB) by pressing the ‘T’ test button at least once a month.

“If the PAB works properly, it will activate, and the electricity supply will be cut off immediately. In addition, make sure the wires of electrical equipment are not torn or exposed before use and use electrical equipment and decorative lights with the ST-SIRIM safety label,” it said.

As for gas safety, ensure the gas stove is safe by using gas stove appliances with the ST-SIRIM safety label and be aware of the smell of gas leaks.

“Ensure adequate ventilation in the cooking area by opening windows or doors when cooking, and do not leave the cooking gas stove in use completely unattended.

“Get the services of an ST-registered gas contractor for any piped gas repair work at home and ensure that the gas cylinder valve is closed when you return to your hometown or go for vacation,” said the ST.

— Bernama

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