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Members of the public registering for Padu on January 4, 2024 — Pictire bu BERNAMA

Padu implementation garners increasingly positive public response — DOSM

KUANTAN, Feb 9 — The public’s response to the implementation of the Central Database Hub System (Padu) is increasingly positive,” said chief statistician Datuk Seri Dr. Mohd Uzir Mahidin.

He said as of yesterday, 2.82 million individuals had updated their information using the system since its launch on Jan 2 and his team had been actively organising outreach programmes to inform and educate the public.

“The reception is improving and gaining momentum. When we engage with the public, they welcome it as they understand that the government’s actions are not intended to harm them,” he told reporters when met giving a briefing on Padu at Tepian Putra Mosque here today.

In Pahang, as of yesterday, 148,422 individuals have updated their information in the PADU system, and as of today, 167 physical counters have been opened at various locations such as the Digital Economy Centres (PEDi), District and Land Offices, Local Authorities and mosques.

In addition, Pahang DOSM has organised over 700 outreach sessions to inform and help residents in updating their information via the Padu system in collaboration with parliamentary and state assemblymen  offices.

Elaborating, Mohd Uzir said one of the challenges in implementing the system is ensuring public comprehension of PADU’s significance and advantages, adding that DOSM remains dedicated to its execution.

“In the long term, this data is crucial for any developed nation to efficiently manage resources by having up-to-date information about its population,” he said.

He stressed that ensuring robust security measures are essential in the development of Padu, highlighting three main elements namely, safeguarding data, securing the system infrastructure and protecting the network from potential threats.

“For a national system, security is paramount. We take meticulous measures to avoid any harm to the public. Ensuring data security and protection against breaches are crucial aspects of data management,” Mohd Uzir said.

To ensure data confidentiality, Padu has implemented Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and end-to-end encryption for data protection.

In addition, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is used in Padu to verify the identity of users during registration and login, ensuring only genuine individuals gain access to the system.

He said key agencies including CyberSecurity and the National Cyber Security Agency are ensuring the security of Padu data.

— Bernama

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