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Rakyat want leaders with integrity, not corrupt

SHAH ALAM, JAN 10: Ever since the exposure on the individual called ‘Malaysian Official 1’ (MO1), Malaysia has earned the reputation of a being kleptocratic country. Hence calling for leaders with integrity to govern the country.
These are the claims of citizens who want this country to be governed responsibly by leaders who are honest and uncorrupted, to shape a better and more prosperous Malaysia.
Quantity Surveyor Muhamad Firman, 25 said that the country’s leaders need to understand the principles of integrity and transparency to determine the direction of the country’s development towards excellence and freedom from corruption.
“Integrity means transparency and honesty in leadership.
“A wise leader needs to know what needs to be prioritised, and be transparent in his leadership.
“Integrity should be the main pillar of the country’s leadership,” he said.
University graduate Mohd Hanapi, 24 said the country’s leader must be transparent and be in touch with the reality of life currently.
“Leaders with integrity are expected to become the human capital of citizens who are always conscious and alert of developments and actions taken by the country’s leadership.
“What is important is that the leader should not hold on to position just to be in power; the personality he exudes must be aligned with the responsibility given by rakyat,” he said.
For Graphic Designer Muhammad Azam, 26, the success of a country depends on the leadership and integrity that exist in each leader.
“If we are to judge a nation’s progress, just look at its leaders and citizens,” he said.
Meanwhile, Homemaker Shahrina Sallehudin is of the opinion that leaders with integrity also need to understand the peoples’ welfare, needs and desire to enjoy a better life.
“The leader must have integrity, honesty and most importantly understand the citizens’ woes and focus on their welfare to help them,” he said.

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