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FOMCA: Consumers must be smart to avoid becoming victims

SUBANG JAYA, MAY 30: The sharp increase in food prices this Ramadan is believed to be caused by wholesalers.
Federation of Malaysian Consumers’ Association (FOMCA) Deputy President, Mohd Yusof Abdul Rahman said, wholesalers are the middlemen between main suppliers and they ultimately cause the price increase.
He said, consumers must be smart to get their necessities directly and avoid buying through middlemen.
“Prices of food such as fish and vegetables are mostly influenced by middlemen. Consumers can purchase these items at pasar tani which offer lower price.
“There are pasar tani that reduce the role of middlemen. Therefore, if we rely on supermarkets and normal markets we have no choice but to depend on the prices fixed by wholesalers,” he said, commenting the issue of price increase during Ramadan.
Mohd Yusof advises consumers to be more aware of normal prices and changes in this month, subsequently to lodge a report to the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry.
“We practice free markets, hence we cannot stop wholesalers from setting their price unless there are elements of profiteering then a report can be lodged to the authorities,” he said.
Mohd Yusof did not rule out changes in the trend this Ramadan where consumers prefer to prepare their own food at home rather than buying it from the bazaar.

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