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Canada is expected to take over the role of the United States

OTTAWA, JUNE 7: Canada is expected to play a bigger role on the world stage, while the United States (US) restricts its international mix, said their Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland, yesterday.
International News Agency REUTERS reported the statement indicating tensions between Washington and their closest ally.
Freeland made the statement after the conference of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the G7 recently, when President Donald Trump frustrated the world leaders that even the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel questioned whether the US can be rely or not.
Freeland also confirmed the two ways relationship with the US, Canada’s closest ally since the past 70 years were questioned. She said that the relationship may be affected.
“Our friend and ally were questioning their global leadership value, this situation creates the need for us to determine a clearer path.
Canada should play a new stronger role with the collaboration with various countries, “she said.
Trump who was selected based on his promise to put the interests of ‘America first’ claimed that NATO did not pay the contributions of military spending and then announced his administration withdrew from the Paris climate change agreement.
A few hours after the speech by Freeland, the office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, they were contacted with Merkel and confirmed the commitment of both countries to the relations of various countries and efforts to tackle climate change.
“The world’s premier leader agreed to cooperate more closely with the parties who are in the same page to implement the Paris agreement,” said an official statement of Trudeau office.
Freeland told parliament that Canada will attempt to ‘grab leadership’ in the forum of various countries such as the Group of Seven (G7), the International Forum of Government and Central Bank Governors of 20 Major Economic Trends (G20), NATO and the United Nations ( UN).

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