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Nuclear power plant in Malaysia: What didn’t we learn from Fukushima?

I strongly condemn UMNO/BN’s short-sighted move in taking the retrogressive step to build nuclear power-plants in Malaysia, unmindful of the lessons from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster tragedy.
The issues with nuclear power-plants are not just nuclear leaks and nuclear waste disposal, in fact nuclear energy itself is not sustainable. These clearly prove that the decision to build a nuclear power plant is unwise.
On top of that, Malaysia is not a Uranium producing country as we will still need supply from other countries. Hence, our nuclear energy is not sustainable.
Besides, there is no comprehensive solution in place to manage nuclear waste and it can still emit radiation and harm human lives, even after thousands of years.
Furthermore, we should not forget the lessons from the Fukushima Nuclear tragedy. Even Japan, said to be a leader in risk management and technology, has failed to come up with a resolution. The Fukushima Nuclear Tragedy has entered its 7th year but radiation problems in the area remain unresolved.
Since the tragedy, there have been many research on renewable energy and the abolition of nuclear energy at the global level, but the UMNO/BN government is retrogressing by building a Nuclear Power Plant.
Before the year 2000, Germany had begun actively introducing renewable energy and has announced the total abolishment of nuclear power by 2020.
Who would have thought that Malaysia would be taking a step backwards by deciding to build an energy project full of controversies and risks.
I am challenging the Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation (MNPC) to immediately announce the 7 locations and hold briefings in the affected areas to report the latest status of the nuclear power research; and to stop hiding this matter from citizens if news that the Malaysian Government has identified 7 potential locations to build nuclear power plants is true and accurate.
I would also like to remind UMNO/BN Government to learn from Lynas Factory. The Lynas issue is still unresolved today. There is no news on the permanent storage centre as promised. UMNO/BN has failed to provide a resolution or solution for the Lynas Factory radioactive waste management.
If UMNO/BN Government is adamant in its decision to build the Nuclear Power Plant, KEADILAN will mobilise all Malaysians to protest in a bigger demonstration than the one against Lynas.
* Lee Chean Chung is KEADILAN Youth Information Chief and Semambu, Pahang Assemblyman

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