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Azmin – I Deny This Vicious Libel Upon Me

Source: The Malaysian Insight

I refer to the various media reports today publishing the allegations of an individual regarding a sex video purporting to implicate me. I categorically deny this vicious libel upon me.

This is nothing but a nefarious plot to assassinate my reputation and character in an attempt to destroy my political career. Judging from recent political developments, this is clearly the latest in a series of concerted attempts over the past few months to vilify me, which includes intimidation against the safety of my family and I in the final week of Ramadhan, and vile and baseless accusations of corruption.

I utterly condemn this brand of gutter politics. It has no place in this era of New Malaysia, where we are working to rebuild the nation through institutional reforms.

I have instructed my lawyers to take the appropriate legal action against the individual who made these abominable allegations as well as against other perpetrators. I will avail myself of all legal means at my disposal to expose these culprits.

I will not submit to these cowardly acts and heinous attempts to distract the public from the pressing concerns of the nation and the successes of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the planning and implementation of national development policies that are sustainable and inclusive.

I trust the Royal Malaysia Police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission will take all necessary action with regards to this matter.


DATO’ SERI MOHAMED AZMIN ALI Minister of Economic Affairs

12 June 2019

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