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Selangor supports the Wolbachia Mosquito Programme

The State Government welcomes the Institute of Medical Research’s (IMR) effort to implement the ‘Wolbachia’ programme as an initiative to reduce dengue cases in Selangor.
Wolbachia is a biological control-agent that will be injected into the Aedes mosquitoes’ eggs as a method to control related vectors such as Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya from spreading.
As a state that promotes its citizens’ welfare, we have no issue in allowing IMR to carry out the Wolbachia programme in Selangor.
Nevertheless, it must be coordinated well at all level, whether at State level or Local Authority level.
For example, will the Wolbachia programme be affected by the existing control and prevention methods that the local authorities and District Health offices are implementing such as fogging, larviciding and Aerosol spray for homes programme?
Further discussions need to take place between IMR and local authorities to ensure all these methods are in line with the ongoing effort.
The two-hour visit from IMR, led by Dato’ Dr Fadzilah Kamaludin today provided extensive information on the programme.
He also informed that, in the last five years, other countries have implemented this method with success, without any side effect.
The programme will be initiated in Seksyen 7 (Shah Alam) and AU2 (Keramat). These two locations are selected based on the frequency of them becoming dengue hotspots.
Besides that, the programme must be publicised and receives the cooperation and involvement from the local communities for it to achieve its target.
Involvement from local community leaders can also give a positive impact in those areas.
*DR DAROYAH ALWI is Selangor State Health Exco.

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