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Support JPJ, must have second express bus driver

I fully support the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) action to impose a strict penalty on express bus operators who do not provide second drivers throughout the Ops Selamat in conjunction with Aidilfitri celebration this year.
This is because each time there’s a festivity, road accidents will be the main worry as every year the number of accidents including buses and victims increase.
One of the cause is a tired driver who has not had enough sleep and has had to drive long distance and alone.
I also hope JPJ will tighten its enforcement by carrying-out unannounced roadblocks on bus companies that tries to take advantage of the relaxation in the regulations.
At the same time, I would also like to remind the government to be firm and not to hesitate to withdraw these express and tour bus operators’ licenses and permits if they fail to comply with the regulations.
Then they would be more careful and comply with the rules.
During the 2016 raya season, Ops Selamat 9/2016 recorded 15,524 road accidents across the country. That was a 2.5% or equivalent to 377 cases increase.
With the action that will be taken by the authority, I am certain that the numbers will decrease this year.
Besides that, the Royal Malaysian Police Force (PDRM) must also monitor from time to time and carry out enforcement actions to ensure accident rate do not continue to increase and traffic is smooth this Aidilfitri.
*Azan Ismail is Bandar Assemblyman and Terengganu KEADILAN Chairman

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