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Cameras are advanced, hopefully Parliament also ‘advances’ forward

I support the installation of 16 robotic cameras in Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara to enhance the broadcasting system ahead of the coming sessions.
This is a robotic industrial development in the broadcasting field used by the country, not merely in car-making and electronics alone.
How much is the total cost to purchase, install and maintain the robotic cameras and which company was awarded with the project?
The use of latest technology will definitely enhance the image of Parliament as the highest legislative institution in the country, this is indeed very good for the country.
If the broadcasting system in Parliament is now improved, I hope that the upcoming sessions will also be improved in terms of the contents. It will be meaningless if Member of Parliaments are continuously denied their rights.
I hope the Umno-BN government this time around is more serious to discuss national issues and issues with public interest. There were just too many important issues that needed to be discussed which were rejected by the government previously.
I am of the view that to dismiss questions with public interest such as 1MDB is a contempt of Dewan Rakyat.
If the Speaker continue to dismiss important issues brought up by the opposition, this shows that the Speaker is being partial in the meeting, as an example, in the last session, during the closing of the session for 355 Bill (RUU355), it was really offensive.
Malaysian Parliament must be reformed so that the institution really functions to balance between executive and judicial powers to strengthen democracy in this country.
First Admiral (R) YB Mohamad Imran Abd Hamid
Lumut Member of Parliament
KEADILAN Deputy Chairman, Perak
People’s Justice Party

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