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Government has no money, hinting electrical tariff increase next year?

I was reading the Energy Commission Acting Chief Executive Officer and Electricity Industrial Development and Market Regulation Senior Director, Ir Azhar Omar’s statement that the electricity tariff rebate that we are enjoying now will not last forever.
Has the Umno BN government run out of money to give rebates for the people to enjoy?
There’s no need to say that the country’s money need to be spent on hospitals, roads and such things. What happen to the money collected from Good and Service Tax (GST)?
After various tax and fees imposed on the people, what is there to maintain the electricity tariff to every citizen.
I am sure the tariff can be maintained as global fuel cost such as piped gas, coal and liquefied natural gas has not increase.
The question is, why the electrical tariff has never gone down when fuel cost drops? By right when fuel cost drops, the savings can be utilised when fuel cost increase.
If electrical tariff rebate is cut in 2018, consumers will definitely be affected with the additional cost.
The next electrical tariff review for Peninsular Malaysia will be in January 2018 after the government agreed to maintain the electrical tariff at 1.52 cents/kWJ from July 1 until December 31 this year.
For example, in Sabah on the other hand, billions of ringgit from the central government’s fund have been spent to fund various power plant construction projects to ensure efficient supply, however the citizens still face power disruption regularly.
The Umno BN government, through its Power, Green Technology and Water Ministry (KETTHA) is not that optimistic to reduce power disruption frequency over there.
I suggest the formation of a ‘special lab’ to study and resolve the power disruption issue in the near future.
# William Leong is Selayang Member of Parliament

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