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Judiciary body should be free from political influence

Based on Canadian Fraser Institute’s report, last September 28, Malaysia’s judiciary independence has decelerated.
The publication showed a performance decline in ‘judiciary freedom’ subcategory where Malaysia scored 6.59 in 2014, but it fell to 6.01, while under the ‘court justice’ subcategory, the score had reduced from 6.93 to 6.67.

  1. The responsibility to form an independent judiciary body rests on all citizens.

Every citizen requires the judiciary body to pass impartial and fair judgement in any case or problem.

  1. The court must be free in implementing its responsibilities to uphold justice without fear or influence from any party.

Judges should be free to devote their energy for justice although their decisions may have negative impact on the authorities.
Judges should have the courage to resist any intervention and brave enough to tell the Executive Body not to interfere with judicial functions.

  1. The collapse of integrity in the judiciary system will destroy public trust and confidence in legal administration.

If the court can no longer be counted on to protect the innocent and save the victims of abuse, where else can people go to seek justice?

  1. If citizens feel that the court cannot protect or uphold their rights, they will not respect bodies such as the judiciary institution.

Eventually, they will look for other ways to get justice which may cause the collapse of the nation’s legal system which will then affect the country and its people.
YB Jimmy Puah
Bukit Batu State Legislative Assemblyman
The Peoples’ Justice Party
Chairman of Bureau of Legal Affairs, Pakatan Harapan, Johor

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