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KPDNKK don’t just ‘monitor’ without action

I noted that the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK) has introduced the 2017 Ramadan Month Price Control Scheme (SKHBR) starting from May 22 to 31, 2017.
I welcome the ministry’s effort to control unreasonable price increase and prevent profiteering practice among traders.
However, what will happen after May 31, 2017? Will price of goods not be controlled anymore and consequently increasing? Isn’t price controlling a continuous mechanism?
KPDNKK should control prices of raw goods throughout Ramadan. Price control on raw goods will directly impact the price of other goods. This means that if the price of raw goods are under control, we can actually control the price of other goods.
The next question is – Is this merely ‘monitoring’ as usual without any ‘action’ taken on traders who violate the current Act?
I don’t want to hear the excuse of not having enough KPDNKK enforcement officials to be the reason for not monitoring the price of goods in the country.
There is no need to wait for citizens to complain to KPDNKK for their officers to start taking action.
The increase in prices can be seen ahead of Ramadan and Syawal which is coming soon and surely the public is worried to buy their daily necessities.
The government should also ensure the 10 items listed by KPDNKK is well stocked as they are high-demand items.
Price control of goods should be done throughout the year, all the time. If it is done holistically, we will not face this kind of problem every Ramadan and festive seasons.
*Manivanan is Kapar Member of Parliament and KEADILAN Consumerism Bureau Chairman

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