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PAS Selangor obeys Sultan Sharafuddin

PAS Selangor takes heed of His Royal Highness (HRH) the Selangor Sultan’s Order, through a special statement, on PAS Exco’s position in the Selangor State Government.
This statement also observed PKR’s stance, which was made by its President right after the Political Bureau meeting. PAS appreciates the trust given by His Majesty and is grateful to PKR for the stand it takes.
From the beginning, when we obtained the mandate through the Pakatan Rakyat Government in May 2013, PAS Selangor has been standing STRONG AND LOYAL together with all the other Menteri Besar assented by HRH the Selangor Sultan.
Be it when Selangor was under Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim’s leadership, let alone under the current Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor, Dato’ Seri Mohammad Azmin Ali.
PAS Selangor believes that the TRUST and CONFIDENCE in leaders assented by His Majesty is an important basis to maintain POLITICAL STABILITY, at the same time successfully implementing CITIZENS’ ENTRUSTED agendas.
PAS Selangor has asserted before that the decision to cut ties (Tahaluf Politik) is only related to the preparation to face the coming general election and not related to state government’s administration.
PAS Selangor has also taken the stance that the severed political ties does not mean severing relationship, friendship and cooperation to do good (Taawun). In fact, we will continue to strengthen them.
PAS Selangor, through its 3 Excos and 10 elected representatives will continue to work hard and carry on the loyalty and commitment together with Dato’ Menteri Besar and all Selangor’s excos and elected representatives. The important thing for us are citizens’ welfare and political stability as priorities which cannot be replaced.
Realising the community demography in Selangor.
PAS will continue to practice Mature and Peaceful Political Culture (BPMS) in facing future situations. We believe that politics should be ethical, with healthy discourse and not curses, politics should be rational and not emotional in order to ensure stability in government.
To the parties who often utter harsh words, who are jealous of Selangor’s success and often try to take advantage to cause commotions in Selangor’s political conflict, we hope that you take heed of the Sultan’s order and advise and trust in the stand given by PKR President. Be strong and loyal with the rakyat.
Salam Ramadhan Karim.
# Sallehen Mukhyi is Selangor PAS Commissioner

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