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Change attitude, don’t be a part of accident statistics

When we talk about festivals, we will not miss talking about road accidents. I am sure the authorities will make a lot of effort to reduce accident rates including the Ops Selamat 11 for this year.
I hope, Ops Selamat this year will be more focused, aggressive and bring a more positive impact to road users.
This matter should be taken seriously, and with the availability accident statistics in the previous years, road accidents issue can be tackled more holistically.
I hope the government will be committed in this by introducing new effective measures that can be implemented and not merely adding more Automated Enforcement System (AES) cameras.
Among the factor that contribute to the increase in fatal accidents during festivals is the attitude of road users.
Other factors include various traffic offenses such as ignoring safety measures and road regulations.
I would like to remind road users to change their attitudes to be responsible drivers to avoid fatalities.
It is hoped that the Royal Malaysian Police Force (PDRM) can continuously monitor and enforce to ensure accidents rates do not increase this coming Aidilfitri.
*Akmal Nasir is KEADILAN Youth Strategic Director (AMK)

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